The Steadicam service LARE Video has a steadicam with telescopic post in carbon fiber that allows you to mount the camera in different heights from ground level to over 2.20 m. Virtually no-tools is particularly quick to transform.
It can work at 12 and 24 Volt for all cameras power, with down-converter and high definition monitor.
Equipped with Walter KlassenGB dual mount jacket , the first in Italy and TITAN PRO-GPI arm.
The steadicam is well equipped with a full range of accessories needed to provide a complete service: Radio control focous and iris, microwave transmitters for video signal. Zoom control, tally, antlers and Kenyon KS 6 gyroscopes, a large supply of low-mode  camera systems and a particular automatic low Mode dedicated to DSLR cam. Also bazooca attacks  and hard-mount to allow mounting steadicam on cars quick and easy. Backup system C.P. EFP model. Available for special needs a rickshaw, which is essential to shoot long and fast scenes with great precision also on uneven ground.


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