Real Crane

The LARE Video REAL CRANE  has a total length of  10.30 meters.  Useful lengths by hub are adjustable from 1 meter extendable up to 8.30 m (Camera Angle), by  1 meter step. The REAL CRANE is mounted on a tripod with  wheels that allow moving without having to take down the camera (at any length), adjustable stabilizers allow clamping down even on inclined planes.
Always without disassembly, is quick and easy placement on Rails (a standard measure).
The REAL CRANE basic equipment has a remoted 2 axes head . 
Camera controls are  zoom, focus, Iris, start  and tally.
However  it is possible to mount the remoted ROLLO ROLLO 3 axes head: pan-tilt and  360° roll.
Both heads versions are able to work in  two versions : LOW MODE and HIGH MODE.




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Rollo, Rollo 360° Remoted Head