Alessandro Meroni

Camera operator since 1994. 

The work experience starts at a local radiotelevision station in Lecco. Experience gained over the years it let me able to get my contribute for realization of production (TV program, sports, spots, fashion shows, commercial, musical, etc.) with national and international broadcasters. 
The constant updating in the research and use of the latest equipment enables me to be update with market job demands.
From years, keep on continuing link with LARE Video in the design and use of equipment for Video and Movies, like cranes and simple 2D flying camera.
A good knowledge of the English as well as technical terms in my field allows me to be able to collaborating with foreign productions and crews. 
Skills, knowledge and wide experiences using remote heads for cranes, telescopic cranes and flying camera like Shuttlecam, as operator and rigger.
Heads controls systems: Joystick or Pan-Bar, for three or two axes remoted heads.
I am use to work in team, facing a problem I try to find out the best possible solutions also prepared to learn new skills on positive attitude.
Currently the main jobs are based in Milan


Office +39 0341821221
Alessandro +39 3355464010
Luca +39 3486972386



Specializing in  use of cranes, remoted heads to 2 and 3 axes. joystick or pan-bar  control systems.
Rigger and operator with  Shuttlecam.