A shooting Flying camera system sconceived, designed and manufactured by LARE Video.
It is able to fly, crossing rivers, canyons, squares, playgrounds, etc. Thanks to its versatility it is easy to be used indoors not necessarily only in a wide area.
All systems are certified and in compliance with safety. Easy to install using two anchor points on location.
The camera is placed  on a2 axes remote head  TILT and PAN by radio controls.
Camera and the video signal are  transmit by microwave transmitters.
The system could be set up from 2/3 hours, but depending on the location chosen. For setting up two or three technicians are required.
Our operators are a  reliable and serious TEAM, grew up by experience in the use of steadicam, crane and remoted heads,  used to work alongside professionals.


Only two anchor points are neded.
It is possible to prepare  in advance 2 "flying rails" at the same time: one  100 meters max length  and  200 meters max length,  then move the  camera quickly from one to another.

  • Max camera weight  10 kg
  • Max length up to 200 meters
  • Max speed up to 70 Km/h
  • Max cables pull 470daN
  • Safety coefficient 13.96 ropes
  • Any length more than 200 meter plase contact us in advance


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Luca +39 3486972386

Alessandro +39 3355464010